Closed van, part 4

Put on bogies today. Sometimes uniform colours looks great, but in this case it turned out to be complete wrong.. Bogies and wheels must have a darker colour, maybe even black.. Also looks if wagon lays to low on the bogies, needs a raise in my eyes.

Door handles to follow after above is fixed.


Closed van, part 3

Added some paint and weathering today.

Closed van, part 2

Got a bit further today. Assembled most of the parts, only details like handles etc remains plus paint of course.

showing inside bracing to keep it sturdy

gluing the roof showing also the underside

here it is fully assembled, only remains to add details like handles etc.

Closed van, part 1

Suddenly it happens, as they say in the swedish commercial for a lottery!

My mojo is back!

Started cutting and assembling a freelance danish beet wagon today. The drawing I made back in 2004 when I did model in Hn21 scale last time (yes, this is 1/24 scale, not Fn18).

Fn18 scale and the Woolwich loco is of course not forgotten, this is just another of my rubber scale attempt into another scale/gauge combination. 1/24 scale on same track as before, 22.4 mm S scale track gauge. Time will tell how far this project will go....


Here I just cut out the parts for the van. I am using a Silhouette Curio electronic cutter for this.

Here the braces is placed on the inside to get a bit stability and the walls are getting together.

Here I am testing where to put the bogies. I am not using correct danish bogies for this but some Royal Arsenal bogies I made before. This is freelance, remember..? :)

Here the frame has gone a bit further. Kadee couplers are assembled and will be placed a bit di…


Welcome to the blog about my new little railway project.

I done this scale before back in 2004, but back then I did not have the tools and skills I have today. Will be fun to explore this once more!

Don't expect any rivet counting, all will be freelance more or less.

/Henrik Laurell, http://Laurell.Today/